2018’s Great Beginning

2018’s Great Beginning

Finally! A warmup after bitter cold days. Terry waded a spring branch that enters a favorite warmwater stream in search of migrating bass seeking warmth and food. Using a 5-wt., intermediate sinking line, a 4-ft. section of 4X tippet, and a size-8 woolly bugger drifted through pocket water enabled the catch and release of 7 smallmouths of 10 to 12 inches. When the action slowed casts into a slow eddy brought 5 fat rock bass to the net. A few tugs on the line make winter way easier to manage.

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  • I love your site and all of the information. I bought a bass bully 2 years ago and i can’t seem to catch anything on it. I know i must be doing something wrong. Can you provide any pointers. I live in Remington, VA and i fish in a Cyprus reservoir that is pretty shallow and very weedy. Any advice is appreciated.


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