A break in the weather sent me to a spring’s entrance to a well-structured pool. The river was higher than normal by a few inches leaving the area wadable while creating large, slow eddies both above and below the spring’s flow. Deadfall branches border the upper eddy and bowling ball-sized rocks are scattered through the lower one. Full-sinking line that sinks at 3 i.p.s. carried a size-10 gray-over-silver zonker with a double mono weed guard to the deepest tree branches. The second cast brought a strike that was missed. The next slow retrieve produced the hookup of fat green sunfish. Several others came to hand before a 10-inch largemouth was brought to the net. A move to the downstream eddy changed the game as three rock bass preceded a tug of war with a feisty 12-inch smallmouth that sent me ashore with a big smile.