I have been deprived of wading streams for smallmouth bass far too long. Every time the streams begin to drop and clear another heavy rain pushes the waters out of their banks again. I’ve already been pretty pouty about it but that failed to offer relief so a pond trip for largemouth bass was undertaken. It proved to be a terrific pacifier. An 8wt. rod, 2 reel spools with floating line on one and sink-tip line with a 10-ft. section of 6 to 7 i.p.s. on the other went with me to the pond. The sink-tip line with a 3-ft. leader of 16 lb. test and the sunfish pattern of our H.O.T. Streamer opened the trip along the deep edge of the riprap dam and wood structure. The fly was allowed to sink to the bottom (it has a double weedguard) among the wood and rock structure before an exaggerated “lift, drop, strip” retrieve was used. Nine bass were caught and released before the action slowed. A switch to floating line and Bully’s Diving Frog enabled casts to the weedline edge and pockets. Nine more bass including one of 18 inches were released before the onset of darkness.