A 37-degree afternoon deteriorated into a 27-degree windchill by steady 20 mph wind gusting to 30 mph that sent me into the protection of a bluff-shielded pool. A small spring branch created by a slow eddy that extended over a deadfall and rock-infested flat. The area wasn’t large and I knew the fish would either be there or they wouldn’t. A slow (2 i.p.s.) sinking line and 4-foot leader delivered a bead-head fly called Bluegill Bugger to the deepest edge of the flat. A countdown enabled the fly to reach 3 feet of depth then I lifted the rod tip and began a slow retrieve. The line acquired “that heavy feeling” which required another lift of the rod tip that produced the feisty struggle of a thick green sunfish. Forty-five minutes of careful casts brought 11 to hand before the action stopped.