Some describe the instant of the hook-set on a sizeable surface feeding largemouth bass as the most exciting split-second in all of sports. I’m one of them. That moment initiates a violent explosion of whitewater infused with bits of weeds and moss followed by a gill-rattling tail walk. It takes your breath away and imprints that visual image into your memory. Bass fly fishing is nothing like tossing a puff of feathers you hope will be sipped from the surface. This combat fly fishing requires seven, eight-, and nine-weight rods to wrench these ambush predators from their entangled lairs. Six-foot leaders will suffice, but tippet strength needs to be 12-16 lb. test to turn over the heavier, wind-resistant flies and withstand the expected abrasions.  Both floating and floater-diver flies, designed to entice surface action, can be constructed of cork, several types of foam, or deer hair. Each set in the water and project sound when retrieved differently. Floater-divers are particularly interesting because they attract the attention of the bass when the fly submerges before returning to the surface when line tension is released. They mimic struggling prey that big bass find irresistible. We have designed two floater-divers: Hula Diver and Bully’s Diving Frog which are available on our website <>. Floater-divers are fun to fish because they involve your own creative fly activation, and the entire process is viable to the angler.