Largemouth Bass Fly Fishing: Beyond the Basics Revised Edition


Largemouth bass are easily America’s most popular warmwater gamefish. From miniature ponds to sprawling reservoirs, legions of anglers armed with high tech equipment pursue this powerful and acrobatic adversary. Despite the success of the conventional tackle crowd, too many fly fishers have restricted their presentations for Mister Bigmouth to stripping poppers across the surface in the springtime and quickly abandon the fly rod after the spawn. Yet success in all seasons with flies is easily achievable and is the gateway to more exciting and satisfying sport. In this book, the Wilsons share their combined 100 years of largemouth pursuit with both novice and seasoned bass stalkers. Readers will learn the specialized adjustments in the tackle that largemouths require understanding bass structure and their specialized presentation methods. You’ll discover the secret of coping with weather changes and how to find a successful fishing pattern as well as discover their innovative flies complete with recipes and tying instructions. This book is the first step along the path to catching more big bass.

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NEW!  NEW!  NEW! New revised edition of our largemouth bass book originally published in 2000. A lot has changed since then. We have included new flies and recipes, updated techniques, gear, and added more illustrations.



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