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For more than thirty years our greatest joy, next to our grandchildren and fishing, is sharing our passion and enthusiasm for warmwater fly fishing. If you would like to explore the possibility of having our presentations at your club meeting, banquet, outdoor show or fishing convention please email us at

We currently have 6 PowerPoint presentations with illustrations and photos that are constantly updated.A synopsis of each is found below. In addition, Terry can provide a tying class or demonstration of any of his 20 original flies. On-the-water seminars are also available. All of our shows can be tailored to your group’s needs and time availability.


Fly Fishing For Largemouth Bass: Beyond the Basics

Our largemouth bass show parallels our most recent book’s revised edition. We discuss the necessary tackle adjustments, understanding bass habitat with the focus on various methods of approach, and fly choice and animation. We discuss each area of the water column including shallows, the vertical drop, mid-depth, and deep presentations in detail. The show ends with a discussion of fishing time of day adjustments, weather changes, and season locational patterns.

The Bluegill Diaries

Fishing knowledge is largely learned by trial and error. We sifted through our fishing diary that we have kept for over 48 years to glean additional knowledge about bluegill fishing, and present the information we gleaned for our latest book in this new show. We include some of our amusing fishing stories and quite a lot of good advice.

Crappie Fly Fishing

Our crappie show parallels our book, Crappie Fly Fishing: A Seasonal Approach. We explore crappie habitat, behavior, and the most effective presentations for these exciting gamefish in all seasons. Flies, typical crappie structure, equipment, and fly fishing methods are explained in this one hour PowerPoint show.

Smallmouth Bass: A Practical Guide
Our smallmouth show features the beautiful world of the wild rivers and lakes where smallmouths live, as well as the fish themselves. Illustrations and photos are used to show exactly where to place the fly during all seasons of the year. Heads of pools, eddies, pocket water, inlet creeks, and tailouts fish differently in moving water while rock structure diversity on main and secondary points, humps, and riprap areas highlight lake smallmouth structure. Our latest book, Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing: A Practical Guide, is paralleled in this presentation.

Fly Fishing Ponds
Think fishing a pond is easy? Not all ponds are created equal, and fly-fishing success on ponds is dependent upon understanding what makes a good fishing pond and how to best take advantage of the circumstances, whatever they may be. Illustrations and photos enrich the viewer’s knowledge of where, when, and how to target bass, bluegill, and other species in public or private ponds and lakes. Fly selections and presentations for bass and bluegill are discussed.

Cats, Carp, Gar, and More
Have you ever been surprised by catching a channel catfish that gave you the season’s best fight? How about deliberately fly fishing for them? Here’s the scoop on how, when, and where to do just that. Did you know that shortnose gar can be stalked in the same manner as bonefish? We discuss flies, locations, and tactics for “nontraditional gamefish.”

Beautiful Vibrations
Unlike our other shows, this one isn’t how and where to catch fish but instead is designed to remind veteran fly casters why they love the sport and to entertain and interest non-fishermen in the audience. Beautiful Vibrations is filled with images of the wild and beautiful places fish live, the wildlife we’ve encountered along the way, and some of the characters we’ve met. This show is often requested for banquets.

Tying Demonstrations
Terry is often asked to demonstrate tying the “Wilson Originals.” We offer fly tying as instructional classes or as demonstrations.

On-the-Water Seminars
We also provide hands-on fly-fishing instruction for bass and bluegills tailored to the group’s interests.

For additional information and fee schedule, please email us at