I needed to fish before the onset of the forecasted seven days of rain. The problem was that the low temperature the night before was 35 degrees. I thought the fish would be scattered and deep, and I was correct. Intermediate line enabled me to cover depths to 4 feet, but only one small male was caught. A switch to full-sinking line led to a countdown to 6 to 8 feet near submerged brush where slowly retrieved size-10 black Bully’s Bluegill Spiders coaxed five more of the reluctant bluegills to bite. Three were brightly-colored males that hit on the verticle drop and two were females that still had eggs. I speculate that the weather had likely backed them off the nests several times and that either they will spawn upon the June full moon or drop their eggs soon and miss it altogether. Bear in mind that each body of water, even in the same area, is affected differently with changes in water temperatures. It depends on the size of the pond or lake, composition of the bottoms, and other factors.