Recent rains have rendered area streams unfishable, and with several cold, rainy days in the forecast, I embraced a small pond trip as my only fishing option. The day was sunny and warm, but a 20 mph wind with stronger gusts posed a challenge. Turbulence from the wind and rain left the water stained, leading to the fly choice of a chartreuse Bass Bully to aid the fish’s visibility. I knelt at the pond’s edge to diminish the impact of the wind with an 8wt rod. Theorizing that the largemouth bass would be suspended and facing into the wind to feed on the diverse menu being blown toward their position, casts were made into the wind. Retrieves at various depths determined their position in the water column. Action came quickly as the bass were aggressive and located at a depth of 2 feet over a 6-foot bottom. The frustration of having to cast into the wind faded in the excitement of the rod-bending battles. Casts at angles from my position were especially effective, giving the bass a side view of the fly. Sixteen bass of 10 to 16 inches were brought to hand and released before I surrendered to the wind and the tiring casts it demanded.