When Heat Gets Tough, the Tough Tie On Frogs

When Heat Gets Tough, the Tough Tie On Frogs

Terry’s late-evening (after 6:30 pm) float trip to a local pond found a ravenous largemouth bass population. A 6-wt. rod and size-2 yellow diving frogs that are easier to see in the shaded weed pockets proved to be the magic potion to bring 17 largemouths to hand. Three were measured at 17 inches and another 3 were 15 inches. The¬†vicious hits and heart-stopping leaps are great memories that far outweigh the oppressive heat.

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  • Hi Terry and Roxanne, Loved this story on your wonderful diving frog. Just today I too discovered similar success on a local, impossibly hard fished lake with models I’d purchased from you earlier. They are certainly everything and more that you said they were! Really nice explosive strikes and surefire hooking yet quite weedless! May be the best bass fly I’ve ever used in 65 years of trying! Thanks for your innovations!! photos will follow, as I’ll be sticking with this fly throughout the summer!!

    • John, We’re so happy to hear that you’
      re having success with our ‘Diving Frog’. Three of our biggest bass hit when it was pulled under and didn’t come back to the surface right away. We look forward to seeing your pictures and wish you a summer full of “beautiful vibrations”. Terry & Roxanne

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