Wilsons Honored by Fly Fishers International

Wilsons Honored by Fly Fishers International

We are honored to receive the 2017 Dr. James Henshall Award by Fly Fishers International (formerly the Federation of Fly Fishers) for our¬†contributions to warmwater fly fishing. We have always been warmwater devotees and through our writing and speaking have brought lots of anglers to the sport. It’s a role we love and we feel truly blessed to receive this recognition of our work.

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  • My name is Kenny Shipp, I met you in Lake Charles, LA at Contraband flycasters annual conclave. I now live in Lakeview AR and have become a member of NAFF. I am a warmwater fisherman in a sea of coldwater trout fisherman. I am contacting you to see if you my have some advice for good warmwater wadefishing area in this area.

    • Welcome to the Ozarks! There’s great fishing here for warmwater species. Near you, try the Buffalo for smallmouth bass and the legendary Crooked Creek is hard to beat. West of you, there’s the Kings River that we’ve heard good things about. In Missouri, you might try the upper North Fork or Bryant Creek. The Ozark Woolly Bugger (and other configurations and colors) are reliable flies. For this fly, use peacock herl twisted around the tying thread rather than olive chenille for the body. Add a couple of strands of red krystal flash to the olive marabou tail. We like using a bead head sometimes. Ginger woolly buggers also work well. Check the color of the crayfish in the stream you’re fishing and adjust your colors. Marabou streamers perform great, too. Try white or olive. We like to use yellow in our flies this time of year. We could go on and on, but perhaps this will give you some ideas. Wishing you great fishing! Terry and Roxanne

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